Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Charleston, SC startup introduces a new way to enable users to complete their life’s goals.

CHARLESTON, SC (November 19, 2013) – Bucquistador is pleased to announce the national launch of their innovative bucket list crowdfunding and social networking website. This free account is the first to bring together components of goal completion, event management, and crowdfunding on one user-friendly platform.  Users can create their personal bucket list by creating new goals or selecting from a database of thousands of popular items. This ingenious system matches personal goals to items populated on personal pages of friends, enabling you to engage with users and schedule events based on mutual goals. Bucquistador’s crowdfunding supported software enables users to raise funds in two manners:
·         Traditional crowdfunding – Users create a campaign detailing their bucket list fundraiser goal.  Friends and family can contribute any amount from $1 to $10,000 toward funding that goal.
·         Group payments - Users can collect fixed amounts for items like group vacations and ticket purchases.

Bucquistador is celebrating our national launch with two special promotions:
·         Free fundraisers through Dec. 31, 2013: Bucquistador will waive the four percent crowdfunding and group payment administration fees for fundraisers completed by 11:59pm December 31, 2013.  Bucquistador processes fundraisers with some of the lowest crowdfunding fees available, but this promotion provides all users with a free experience.
·         Tell our CEO what to do: Our CEO has a bucket list goal of raising money for charity, and your bid could decide what she will do.  By using this custom eBay link (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tell-me-what-to-do-for-Charity-/111220729784?) bidders could vote for our CEO to shave her head, ride a bull (real or mechanical), get a tattoo of their company name or logo, jump out of a plane, or give away free hugs dressed as Batman, to name a few. Bidders will receive a custom t-shirt and all proceeds will go to charity.

Bucquistador provides a daily opportunity for users to inspire others and be inspired. By publishing their goals, networking with others, and providing tools to help manage events and monetary components, users are equipped with the resources needed to aid them in breaking down the barriers that previously kept them from completing their goals.  

To learn more about Bucquistador or to create your bucket list, please visit https://www.bucquistador.com/.

Thank you,
Tori Schallot

Founder and CEO, Bucquistador

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Do you know this person?
This is Pete, the Profile Picture Pirate. If you see him next to your user name it is because you haven't completed your profile by adding a personal picture. Update your profile here, so your friends can find you easier.
We are now mobile!
Type in our web address www.Bucquistador.com or click here on your mobile device. When you open the Bucquistador website on any device, it will ask if you want to add the web app to your phone or tablet. The great thing about our app icon is that you don't have to constantly update the app; we update the site for you.

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. Please let us know what you think of our new features or our website.

Thank you,
TJ Schallot
Bucquistador CEO

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bucquistador has now integrated with Twitter and Facebook to allow you to further brag about your accomplishments

Bucquistador accounts just got cooler, allowing you the ability to further brag about how awesome you are. Twitter, Facebook, and Bucquistador are now friends and with that friendship comes the ability to post your bucket list and fundraising activity to your Twitter feed and Facebook wall. 

Simply go to your Bucquistador Profile page and click to "Connect w/Facebook" and "Connect w/Twitter". 
With those connections, your Bucquistador account will create automated posts that help you brag anytime you:
- Create a new bucket list item
- Complete a bucket list item
- Schedule an event around one of your life goals
- Create a fundraising campaign to crowdfund one of your bucket list goals
- Complete a fundraiser

As an added bonus, you can now invite friends to Bucquistador through Facebook when using a desktop device. Simply go to the Invite Mates page and type in the Facebook friends you would like to invite. Because the only thing better than rolling down a hill in a human hamsterball, is doing it with five of your closest friends.

I know you are amazing, you know you are amazing, isn't it time that everyone else knew just how amazing you are? Integrate your Twitter and Facebook accounts today, and let them know what they have been missing out on.
TJ Schallot
Bucquistador Founder and CEO

Monday, July 1, 2013

Personal Apology from Bucquistador CEO for Today's Server Outage

Thank you to all of the people that have either explored the Bucquistador homepage, or signed up for a free www.Bucquistador.com account. Since the website launched about a month ago, the response to our website has been far better than we had ever expected. It would appear that the fantastic flurry of activity we received from all of our users actually overloaded our server and the website went down for a few minutes today. 

While the website is back up and running famously, I wanted to take a moment to apologize for any inconvenience that this glitch may have caused. By creating a Bucquistador account, you have taken one of the first steps towards achieving your life goals, and I regret any hindrance this issue may have caused in your progress toward completing a goal. Please feel free to provide any feedback you may have on this outage as well as any thoughts on our website and its features, via this blog or the Bucquistador website contact form https://bucquistador.com/contact.php 

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and I look forward to engaging with you going forward. 

Thank you,
TJ Schallot

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bucquistador.com Website Launch Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                
   TJ Schallot

Charleston, SC startup introduces a new way to enable users to complete their life’s goals.

CHARLESTON, SC (MAY 24, 2013) – Bucquistador is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative bucket list social networking website that breaks down the barriers preventing each of us from completing our goals and ambitions. Users can create their personal bucket list, or list of life goals; while engaging with other users, scheduling events around their bucket items, and even raising funds through crowdfunding supported software.  Bucquistador’s free account is the first to bring together components of goal completion, event management, and crowdfunding on one user-friendly platform.  Targeted advertising allows users to complete their life’s dreams; without being cluttered by irrelevant unsolicited spam.

Bucquistador provides a daily opportunity for users to inspire others and be inspired. Users can search a database of public bucket list items; including the top 100 trending items, to inspire and nurture the user’s experience.  Bucquistador allows the user to complete their goals and encourages them to connect with the online community.  Everyone is encouraged to use the website, not only for themselves, but so they can search bucket lists of friends and family; ultimately supporting and encouraging the accomplishment of all goals.  Bucquistador’s unique social community allows everyone the chance to support, help, and fund the life goals for all users.

Crowdfunding is one of the most innovative features of Bucquistador and can be used either as a campaign or pool fund.  A campaign allows friends and family to contribute to a specific bucket item. The pool funding allows users to fund group bucket items, such as bulk ticket purchases and group vacations.  Bucquistador collects payments from all participants and alerts the organizer when the payment is received.  This innovative crowdfunding feature provides users with the opportunity to fulfill bucket lists; by eliminating any financial barriers while opening the door and allowing users the ability to pursue their life goals.

To learn more about Bucquistador please visit https://www.bucquistador.com/.

Thank you,
TJ Schallot
Founder and CEO, Bucquistador

Friday, March 8, 2013

TJ on a String

As I had noted previously, these entries will not be made chronologically but rather when I am reminded of a bucket list like experience. This true story is about fear, failure, and inspiration.

I am that person that assembles something without instructions. You would think that as many times as I have screwed things up on my initial try, I would learn my lesson, but it has yet to happen. Many times when I try something, I mess up royally the first time, only to come back with renewed vigor and I usually succeed. This is one of those times; this is the first time I went bungee jumping.

I have had many great friends throughout my life, but Felly (Amanda) was my best friend in High School. Felly and I used to get into trouble all the time. We neglected our studies together, played sports together, partied together, and depleted the local Army base’s stash of eligible men together.  

Felly was one of the first friends I had that really challenged me to try new things. So, it was no surprise when we had the bright idea to go bungee jumping. I don’t remember planning the event or driving out there (age will do that to you), but I do remember that this was the first time as a woman (16 years old) that I lied about my weight.

When Felly and I got to the bungee jumping station, they ask our weight. Felly has always been thinner than me, so when she reported her weight with a smirk, I immediately felt the need to shave 10 pounds off my size, to match her weight. For some reason this little lie made me feel great, like I had instantly lost the poundage right then and there. My elation was quickly dashed when they lead us into a small room with a scale to verify our measurements in order to calculate the bungee cord length. Felly’s weight on the books remained the same, while I added a little bit of girth.

So, Felly and I have our cords measured and begin the long climb to the top of the jump tower. As we get to the top, we can see for miles, which was intimidating enough, but then the tower starts to sway with the wind. Felly is up first. They bind her ankles with the cord and move her onto the platform of the tower.  As she scooches her feet closer and closer to the edge, Felly proves yet again that she is fearless. She stands there for less than 30 seconds, smiles, and takes a swan dive off the tower.  One bungee jump executed perfectly, one more to go.

Now it is my turn. They bind my feet and guide me to the platform. I look down and everything is so small. The large safety pool underneath the platform (used in case the cord is not measured accurately, so your head dips into water instead of the concrete) now looks like a kitchen sink. On top of that, I can feel the tower swaying with the wind, so nerves are definitely an issue.

I inch to the edge of the platform and I try to work up the strength to jump. My initial strategy of just stepping off the platform is not going to really work because my feet are bound and if I try to shuffle forward my head could hit the platform; I am going to have to jump. I bend my knees, steady myself and do a tiny little hop, which lands me right back in the same spot. I do this several times, which equates to jumping in place. I look and feel like an idiot.

At this point and can hear Felly and family down below yelling at me to jump.  Finally, in true teenage fashion, I decide that I am not going to let Felly beat me at something so I jump off the tower. You would think that this is where the story ends, but my adventures never go smoothly.

On the way down, I start to pass my bungee cord, so I decide it would be a good idea to grab onto it. Unfortunately, that puts extra tension on the line which results in extra snap. So, this additional tension causes me to go head first into the water. Then I spring back up at a faster rate and I am headed straight for the tower I just jumped off of. As the tower gets closer, I hear all of the bungee experts yelling at me to drop my line. I am sure that I was in no real danger, but when you are going that quickly, with people screaming down below, you feel like your head is getting ready to smack into the tower.

I released the line and then went through the typical up and down bounce process. Felly and I got our bungee jump certificates and a glare from the tower staff that clearly said we were not invited back. So, my first time bungee jumping was not a complete success, but the two times after went flawlessly. That day did enforce a lesson I had learned long before; even when life is scary and you feel like you are getting knocked around, take a leap toward your goals and you may succeed in ways you would never expect. I have taken many leaps in my life, since that day. Sometimes the process was ugly, or it didn’t go as planned, but no matter what I have always felt like I have succeeded in some way.

I don’t have any video for this particular debacle, but I have attached a few fun mishaps for your viewing pleasure. These first attempts didn't go well, but I did get it right the second time.

Don’t forget the full website goes live the middle of April, but you can go ahead and register now to start building your bucket list www.Bucquistador.com

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I have decided to go in a different direction with this blog. I will continue to update you on the bucket list social networking website progress, but I don't want that to be the focus of this blog. The website will continue to be a work in progress, much like my life. When the website is finally perfect and has everything I want programmed into it there would be no new innovation, so I wouldn't want to run it anyway. By the same token, I have always been extremely adventurous in my life, and if I get to the point where I have checked everything off my bucket list then that would mean there is nothing left to explore, to try, to create, and that is not the life for me. Given that I don't see my entire bucket list being completed, or the perfect website being created anytime in the near future, I would say that all of you are stuck with me for a very long time.

So, what will this blog be about, if not the bucket list social networking site I am working to create  It will be about my pursuit of a life well lived. I have tried many things, I have become many things, I have had a lot of success, failure, and heartbreak along the way. I have laughed and cried, bled and scarred, been uplifted and humbled, but most of all I have truly lived. 

Obviously each person able to read this is living in the basic sense of the word, but do you have life where you feel like you have done incredible things, do you have friends that are some of the most amazing people you could have imagined, are you with that person (Peter) that is genuinely the reason for your smile, and do you take on new challenges with a grin, your gut instincts, and a spirit that won't let you back down? This is the life I have finally achieved after 33 years, and the type of life I will continue to cultivate. By creating this blog and by creating the www.bucquistador.com website I am hoping that we can all inspire each other to live the lives we have all dreamed of.

This blog will detail the stories and experiences that have become a part of me. Good or bad they have molded who I am, who I want to be, and of course my bucket list. The stories that get detailed here will most likely be out of sequence, and subject to my memory but those mentioned can always use the comments section to correct any claim. Let me know what you think of the new format.

Chapter One - I call myself the Original Bucquistador because I am creating the Bucquistador website, but I would have to say my sense of adventure is in the blood. Did you ever want to bet it all on one turn of a card on the Blackjack table, bet it all on red in Roulette, or go all in on a pair sixes bluff at the Poker table? Well, I almost did on the day I was born. 

My mother was a Blackjack dealer and one night after her shift, she sat down at the tables and started to play. Minutes turned into hours as mom extended her winning streak. With a new baby on the way, you can't turn down a chance to make some extra money for food and diapers, even when your water breaks. Now at this point mom already had three kids so she knew whether I was actually on the way, or just putting on a good show. After a couple more hands, and a firm threat from casino to escort my mother off the premises in order to make sure I was delivered in a hospital rather than one the Blackjack table, mom smiled, cashed out coolly and made it to the delivery room just in time for a doctor to greet me with a spank as I tumbled into the world.

This is one of my favorite stories, because I love the fact that my mom didn't stop taking chances that night and she has continues to take chances throughout her life. When she failed she shed a few tears, dusted herself off and got right back on the bull (pictures to prove it). She also allowed me to find my own way, and whether a venture was a success or a debacle, mom was and still is there. 

Given my mom's profession as a Blackjack dealer, she knew the game and how to play it. Mom took a break that night from a winning streak at the tables to start a winning streak with me.  To this day, table games are my games of choice in a casino and I do usually win overall. The rush of challenging the system as well as the dealer and other players has been a metaphor for my life. And just like the cards on that table, with each life experience or curve dealt I have the opportunity to win or lose. I can't blame the dealer or some external parties when I lose, because I will have chosen the bet, the hit, whether to walk away or get into a situation without enough information. But, at the same time, I also know that I can't win if I never have the guts to play. 

So that is chapter one - the beginning of the real me in the pursuit of a life really lived. Sorry dad, you weren't there for me and mom's first real bonding experience, so you get an honorable mention, with a note that there are plenty of stories coming down the pipeline about you. Mom and Dad, I love you both. 

Website update - www.bucquistador.com  is currently live and you can register at any time to start creating your bucket list. The website will have a lot of really fun features added in the next couple of months, so be on the lookout for those, but don't delay, register today!!!

Thanks for reading,